Some reports stated that Trump was considering re adopting this politically suicidal policy under the belief that it is effective at deterring migration by families. It’s good that the president now denies any such plans, as they would be extremely politically tone deaf. The border separation policy was one of the few administration policies that led to widespread, bipartisan condemnation.

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We have Diakite coming on strong and playing his way into the Draft, Huff the knockdown 3pt shooting 7 footer, and two bigtime redshirts coming off their redshirt season, another BIG 7 footer from argentina (who actually has a very kaminsky esqe game), and a bouncy 6 8 4 who can drive, plus a top 50 recruit who has pro potential. We loaded at big. Which will make it all the more interesting to see if Jerome/Guy leaveMe, playing devil’s advocate (also I’ll preface this by saying these criticisms didn’t apply very well to this year’s team):UVA is a bunch of unathletic dudes who pack the paint and force amateur shooters to shoot over them and miss basic jump shots.They walk the ball up the court painfully slowly.

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