replica bags vuitton I can find the quote but in early Reddit days one of the founders said something similar to long as a sub isn breaking a federal law we will let it be. The moment we ban subs for any reason besides illegal activity would be the beginning of the end for Reddit. You just let a bunch of people who only care about limiting others fun dictate what this site does.. replica bags vuitton

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replica nappy bags One course in another social science at the 200 level or above may be substituted for one 200 level sociology elective (but this cannot be used to fulfill the inequality requirement). Two electives may be taken in a study abroad program with prior approval from the department. Sociology 215 and 271 should be completed before the senior year, preferably during the second year.Requirements for the Minor in SociologyThe Honors Program in Sociology (Sociology 483, 484) provides a special opportunity for independent sociological research. replica nappy bags

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