Today, those people are all my age. We either been working the whole time or graduated and tried to make the best of our situations. Some of us joined the military and lost friends in Afghanistan or Iraq. You cannot entice a suspect into committing a crime and then prosecute them for doing what you talked them into. But this isn a police case, it is a political case, and the political hacks involved were effortlessly exposed for the moronic, amoral and treasonous little boneheads they are.Having said that, I doubt it will change a single vote.Pauline Hanson One Nation is sitting where it is in the polls after its eponymous leader has already declared Australia was being by Asians worn a burqa into the Senate, accused Aboriginal people of cannibalism and got elected a senator who now hangs out with neo Nazis. If this hasn already turned voters off them you need a road map and a cut lunch to find a way that two boozed up numbskulls begging for coin from the US gun lobby would suddenly spark a revolution.

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