Beginner: Lie on the floor, knees up, feet flat, as if you’re about to do an old school sit up. Instead, press the back of your arms into the ground, engage your glutes, and lift your hips toward the ceiling 15 to 25 times. Continue until you feel the burn in your butt..

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AUSTRALIA Monash University to go 100% renewable Monash University in Melbourne, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and Indra Australia have announced a microgrid trial that will test the ability of the Monash University Clayton campus’ embedded network to become 100% renewable. The Au$7.1 million trial has received Au$2.97 million from ARENA and the results from the trial will be used to inform the Distributed Energy Integration Program (DEIP) announced last week and to help other universities to transition towards using renewable energy. The microgrid will use up to 1MW of rooftop solar, 20 buildings.

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