I working in this area of Iowa for a couple of months. It been interesting. Surprisingly large Hispanic population, all the farmers have large King banners all over. Workers, according to an analysis of data from the Labor Department and H 2B visa applications.Many businesses that employ these workers say they pay the going rates in their regions.»Trump seems to be perfectly fine with letting people migrate to the United States if they’re going to be exploited workers, and especially if they’re going to work for one of his companies,» Costa said.Many firms say they are in desperate need of workers and have no other options. The government says it received 30 times more H 2B visa applications this year compared with last. Crab companies on Maryland’s Eastern Shore are among those trying to get more of these legal guest workers.A DHS spokeswoman said Congress «is in the best position» to know the right number of H 2B visas that are needed for the economy.

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