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Hermes Belt Replica One of our readers tipped us off with a very plausible looking image that drops a motherlode of information about what AMD’s 2nd generation Ryzen (aka Ryzen 3000 series) processor lineup could look like. This includes a vast selection of SKUs, their CPU and iGPU core configurations, clock speeds, and OEM channel pricing. The list speaks of a reentry for 7th generation A series «Excavator» as Duron X4 series, followed by Duron 300GE series based on a highly cut down «Raven Ridge,» Athlon 300GE 2 core/4 thread based on an implausible «Zen+ 12 nm» APU die, followed by quad core Ryzen 3 3000 series processors with and without iGPUs, making up the company’s entry level product lineup.. Hermes Belt Replica

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