How I feel pretty cool and confident in this outfit fashion wise! Helps that I added some red lipstick to give me a little extra oomph mentally as I work. You can pull colors from an image and they have an app too, so I don see why it wouldn work for clothes. Pinterest is great for finding color palettes too.

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The Leafs are rolling three productive lines right now, I see absolutely zero reason for Babcock to mess with chemistry that is clearly clicking. The Tavares line, the Kadri line and the Matthews line are all playing good hockey and producing points right now, change it when it not working, not when it is just for the sake of change. If Matthews hits another slump and the team looks like it visibly missing a step, sure, change it up and stack his line.

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Maryland’s sales tax holiday will be held for an entire week from Sunday, Aug. 13 to Saturday, Aug. 19. But the amount of content they put out, how ARMY sometimes want to ‘take care’ of them, and how connected they feel, I would not be surprised if there is a decent segment of unhealthily obsessed fans or sasaengs. It happens to every k pop replica bags us group, I know, but with how big BTS are atm, it will just be more intense. Some ARMY’s mentality towards the members is just replica bags vuitton childish, they don’t really need protecting from anything, and they’re not saints.

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