The flight attendant came by and thought I barfed and was afraid to touch the bag without gloves 🙁 I told her it’s just an old banana I forgot about, and she eventually took it.In the meantime, hot guy moves 3 rows up, and sits next to a prettier girl and they talk the entire flight :(Who would want to sit next to banana barf girl???A couple weeks go by and apparently some banana bits got stuck in the exhaust fan of the laptop, so my laptop smelled like banana bread, and then eventually overheated and died. I had to explain this entire story to the IT staff. They laughed at me a lot, but I got a new laptop out of the situation..

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Plastic is used because it cheap and fast to produce, it easy to store, doesn deteriorate with time, it thin, etc. Duplicating those properties is not easy, so companies and people won be motivated to use them. In US people drive pickup trucks to work which doesn require trucks in the slightest and all that in big cities.

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