Sleeping and eating are necessary to live. So obviously those will happen. But the «do» part in your model is overly ambiguous. Fumblebuck, Half Orc Barbarian: Wielding a greatsword forged from a Deva’s wing and an intelligence of 4, Fumblebuck loved nothing more than fighting. Although his mission was to find his parents who he wandered away from after being struck in the head by a falling rock, he soon grew to love his new friends like family; even if his shenanigans caused trouble with the law a few times. Oops..

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The X4 is logically programmed to brush the tips of the carpet and maintain a high motor rpm which is probably optimal cleaning for a single motor vacuum. That means it might feel less satisfying and like its not digging deep or grooming. The plastic brushroll attracts hair like a magnet and you probably have to clean it off each session which is easy as possible on a sebo.

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I actually have a friend that pulls this kind of crap. She was a lot of fun before she popped out a kid (don get me wrong I love my nephew) she was free spirited, going to college, working, planning her life. She took her ex back and got knocked up (he already had a daughter that wasn even a year old at the time).

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